Private Jets for Pets - Why and How?

While private jets for pet relocation may seem extravagant, sometimes it is the only option when you want to travel with your pet in-cabin and for you personally to take them door-to-door.

A solution for snub-nose pets

For many owners with French or English bulldogs, as an example, the options for travel on commercial airlines are very limited and even more so dependent on the time of year. For this reason a privately chartered flight is one of the only options for taking their pets abroad. We organise for like-minded pet owners to travel together.

Crate free travel

When you travel on a private jet you have the luxury of you pet not having to travel in a crate (subject to the plane owner's permission). Pets can be with you for the entire flight.

Accompanied travel

Regardless of size, owners can fly with their pets by their side through the entire journey! This isn't possible on commercial airlines where animals over a certain size have to be in the cargo hold.

A shared mission

By sharing the charter with other like-minded pet owners the cost is shared and becomes much more accessible as an option. If you have large dogs you may be surprised that the costs vs cargo are not a million miles apart.

Are you looking at any of the following?:

  • Travelling from the UK to Dubai with a Bulldog, Pekinese. Pug or other snub nose dog
  • Travelling from Abu Dhabi to the UK with a Persian
  • Travelling from the UK to Australia with a snub nose dog or cat

Our partners organise charters to, from and through the UAE to allow for otherwise banned breeds to fly all over the world!