While this is not exhaustive, here are some of the most common questions we get asked by pet owners about relocation.

If you have a question that is not on the list please feel free to get in touch.

Are you a licensed relocator?

Yes, we are proud to be one of the longest serving pet travel companies in the UAE. We hold a Dubai Economic Department license, Municipality approval and the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment license to practice.

We are also IPATA members. The International Pet and Animal Transportation Association is a non-profit trade association of independent members who are dedicated to the safe and humane transport of pets and other animals.

How are pets handled during transportation?

Pets are handled as the precious cargo that they are. IATA (The International Air Transport Association,) of which most airlines are members, sets out strict guidelines to ensure the safe travel of all animals when flying. This includes the training of ground staff to handle animals in the correct way.

Shippers are also held to strict standards and many relocators (like us) hold the "Live Animal Regulation" qualification from IATA to ensure that we are up-to-date with the latest in animal welfare during travel.

As an owner there are things that you can do to help the comfort of your pets. Crates must be of the correct size and materials with plenty of space and absorbent comfy bedding. They must also have access to enough water for the entire journey. Checkout our travel bundles for everything needed to travel.

Can I have my pet in the cabin with me?


It depends on two things;  the rules of the country you are entering and the rules of the airline. Many airlines will not allow pets or will only allow pets up to a certain weight (typically 8kg) to travel in the cabin.

You must check with the rules of the country you are travelling to and the airline you wish to travel with.

Rules are different for private jets and we frequently organised shared charters to help those who want to travel with their pets who are over 8kg or are a snub-nosed breed.

The other popular option is Private Charter which allows a huge amount more flexibility. You are able to be with your pets throughout the entire journey and relax in the knowledge that they are with you.

How soon can my pet travel?

This depends on the country you are going to. Countries like Australia and New Zealand take significantly more preparation time than Lebanon, for example.

We encourage all pet owners to keep on top of their pets' annual vaccinations and to contact us as soon as you know a possible move is on the cards. It's always better to have too much time than too little.

Are animals sedated?

No, animals are strictly not sedated and this is for good reason. Sedation can affect a pet's heart rate leading to risks on a flight.

Things you can do to reduce stress for your pet is to get their crate well in advance so they can familiarise themselves with it. We also suggest that you put an item of worn clothing into the crate so they can smell you and feel comforted. There are also some great calming accessories and aids that you can use.

Can I travel with my horse?

As a general rule no, and that's why we offer our Flying Groom service. Regardless of airline and relocation company, our qualified flying groom can travel with your horse and make sure they get attention throughout the flight plus administer any medication if required.

Our flying groom will keep you updated on the journey and is trained in all aspects of travel welfare. IATA accredited and trained by leading veterinary surgeons on emergency protocol and overall welfare you can be assured that you precious cargo is looked after throughout the flight.

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