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So you want to do it yourself?

We're so pleased! A lot of blood, sweat, tears and coding have gone into helping pet parents have the freedom to DIY (do it yourself).

Many pet parents want the peace of mind of taking care of each step of the process themselves. Others are frugal travelers wanting to reduce the overall cost of their pet's relocation.

This is why we've combined the best of both worlds. DIY prices with the comfort of relocation experts checking each step of your relocation. Our app (currently rolled out for European destinations from UAE) allows you to keep costs down without costly mistakes.

What can you expect from the app?

  • Once logged in you fill in the details of your pet and their travel plans

  • The crate calculator will tell you what crate size you need

  • The app magically (and instantly) generates the certificates required for travel

  • Flight bookings are made on your behalf (either cargo or accompanied baggage)

  • Any pre-notifications at the destination are handled

  • Within 24 hours our team will have completed the necessary Ministry applications

  • You will be taken step-by-step through the signing off of the documents

What do you need to have in place?

  • Your pets must have a microchip

  • Your pets must be up to date with vaccinations

  • Time - there is a little bit of running around to vets and the Ministry; if you are short on time DIY might not be for you

Other money saving tips

  • If you are going to the UK and have multiple or larger pets then you may want to consider flying into Europe, taking your pets as accompanied baggage (at on average 200 euro per pet), and then travelling overland back to the UK (we recommend the fabulous Jane ( )

Go to to sign up and get started for the bargain price of 500 AED

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