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Making a quick exit

Moving countries can happen quickly, circumstances change and relocation often has to be swift. There are some things you can do to be prepared so your furry, feathered or scaled friends can fly with you or within a short time of you:

  1. Have your pet micro-chipped and have the chip read at vet appointments to check it still works. Chips can fail and it's not stress you need at the last minute of your relocation;

  2. If your pet has not previously been vaccinated, get them vaccinated, in particular against rabies;

  3. If your pet has been previously vaccinated do not let the vaccinations lapse. If you need to move quickly out-of-date vaccinations could halt your pet's move;

  4. Source a correctly sized IATA approved crate and start to create positive associations with it. Think treats, toys, familiar bedding etc;

  5. If you think Australia or New Zealand might be your destination, consider having the Rabies Titre Test done using an OIE accredited laboratory. There is a long waiting period after the blood draw before a pet can fly and the tests are valid for up to 2 years;

  6. For exotic pets if they are protected under CITES you must have the correct documentation and this can take time to procure. Get on top if it now!

We have only scratched the surface of pet relocation in this post but we hope it gives you the information needed to prepare if you have a move planned in the not too distant future. For expert advice on Pet Relocation worldwide please contact us.

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