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Do It Yourself

Who Is This For?

For the frugal traveler wanting to save money whilst avoiding costly, journey stopping mistakes. Power to the pawrents!

For only 500AED (for up to 5 pets!) you have complete peace of mind that you cannot mess up, all the important paperwork is generated for you, booking are made on your behalf and you have a relocation expert on the end of the phone throughout your relocation.

At the moment we offer this service between the UAE and European destinations but stay tuned for more destinations and origins being added.

Sign Up

Pay 600AED

(500AED plus 100AED government fee)

for access


Upload your pet's details and your travel plans.

We'll make all bookings.


Download completed paperwork, follow our step-by-step guide & finish the formalities


Check your fur baby on to the flight of your choice and see them at the other side



Dubai to Manchester

I cannot believe how easy this portal made our relocation. It is a fool proof way of relocating without the cost of a full service.



Dubai to Glasgow

We were apprehensive about doing our relocation ourselves but were on a tight budget. This app made sure we didn't muck up any paperwork or bookings because it is all done for you. Amazing value for money.



Dubai to Madrid

Could not have been easier. We were confident the paperwork was correct and we traveled with Luna easily.

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