Who is DIY for?

For the frugal traveller wanting to save money whilst avoiding journey stopping mistakes.

Power to the pawrents!​

For only 750AED (for up to 5 pets) you have complete peace of mind that you cannot mess up.

All important paperwork is generated for you, and you have a relocation expert on the end of the phone throughout your relocation.​

At the moment we offer this service between the UAE and Great Britain plus European destinations.

Stay tuned for more destinations and origins being added.​


Sign up to our DIY app for 750 AED inclusive of the UAE Export Permit application fee


Login to our DIY portal, enter details of your pet's travel and access step-by-step information based on your destination.



Upload the vaccination documents to support the information provided about your pets.



Download the pre-populated Health Certificates for travel plus forms for the destination airport and customs agents.



Follow our step-by-step guide to finish the formalities and officially sign off the required documents.



Check your pets on to the flight of your choice and see them at the other side! All with step-by-step guides.

Frequently Asked Questions

While not exhaustive, here are the most common questions we get asked.

How can I ensure my pet is comfortable during travel?

Where possible you should use a relocator to help so you are comfortable with all rules and regulations, which are set by IATA (International Air Transport Association).

Your pet's crate must be of the correct size and materials with plenty of space and absorbent comfy bedding. They must also have access to enough water for the entire journey. Checkout our travel bundles for everything needed to travel.

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Will my pets be fed/given water while in the cargo hold?

If you are very lucky you may get a member of the crew popping down to check on precious cargo however this is not the normal. That is why it's incredibly important that you set you pet up for unaccompanied travel, so that means access to plenty of water throughout the journey.

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Where can I buy crates from?

You can buy travel crates and accessories at shop.relocateoyourpet.com We have done our best to stock and supply the best products from our years of experience in relocating pets worldwide. We only stock items we us ourselves.

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Can't my vet do the paperwork for me?

Vets absolutely can sign off health certificates and should be consulted for fit-to-fly checks. However, international relocations and the ever changing regulations are not the day-to-day things that vets deal with so it's always best to use a relocation agency to avoid costly mistakes or

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Can I bring my pet on the plane?

This depends on two things - the rules of the country you are entering and the rules of the airline. Many airlines will not allow pets or will only allow pets up to a certain weight (typically 8kg) to travel in the cabin. You must check with the rules of the country you are travelling to and the airline you wish to travel with. Rules are different for private jets, contact us for more info.

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